25 Ways to Beat Boredom & Find Joy in Self-Isolation


Hello and happy Saturday friends!

How crazy has this past week been! I am currently writing to you from the comfort of my cozy bed this morning, and I must say, it’s still pretty weird. My work has temporarily closed (don’t worry, Neiman Marcus is taking care of all employees while we are out of work) and it feels so odd to be doing nothing. Adjusting to our new normal can be really tough, so let me just start this off by giving you all a big virtual hug. We can get through this!

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread across the US and worsen throughout the world, many of us feel as if life has been set on pause while we are self-isolating and attempting the “flatten the curve” before it’s too late. I know you’re all probably tired of hearing the negatives in the media, so I’m hoping to give a little bit of joy during this trying time.

The reality of the situation is, we are all so used to having structure in our lives; errands to run, people to see, places to go and so little time to do it, but now we are faced with endless days alone with nothing to do. I’m not sure if I’m just a professional homebody or not, but I personally love relaxing and being at home, however, like the true Enneagram 3 that I am, I still like to be doing something. Below I have created a list of things you can try to not only beat the boredom that comes with self-isolation, but hopefully you find joy too.

. . .

  1. Have some quiet time with the Lord and His word
  2. Read a chapter of your favorite book (or a new one!)
  3. Journal your thoughts
  4. Get crafty (paint a picture– show Pinterest what you’re made of!)
  5. Cook a new dinner recipe
  6. Meditate on your purpose
  7. Create a new playlist and have yourself a dance party
  8. Declutter your bedroom or closet
  9. Stretch your body and do some yoga
  10. Drink some tea or coffee
  11. Take a walk around the block
  12. Organize a space that needs it
  13. Bake yourself a treat (*cue jbiebs “yummy” song…*)
  14. Give yourself an in-home pedicure
  15. Have a movie marathon night
  16. Have a virtual happy hour with friends over FaceTime
  17. Spend some time working in the garden (if Dallas ever stops raining…)
  18. Do an at home workout
  19. Shop online and get some retail therapy in
  20. Binge watch a new Netflix show (please give me recommendations before I watch Gossip Girl over again for the 19th time)
  21. Call a beloved family member to check in
  22. Play catch in the yard with your furry friend
  23. Find a new podcast to listen to (my fav is “Basically Basic!”)
  24. Try out an online hair tutorial
  25. Light a candle and take a relaxing bubble bath (you deserve it!)

. . .

If you have any more tips, I’d love to hear them! Until then, I’ll be sending everyone love and positive energy from my little house in Dallas! And don’t forget, #WashYourHands & help us to #FlattenTheCurve 😊

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  1. Your Mom
    October 16, 2020 / 11:20 am

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blogs💕

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