3 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Instagram

Ever wonder how some bloggers and influencers get their instagram profiles to look so clean and professional? They seem to always be getting the best brand deals and tons of likes on their photos, and it’s not a coincidence. It’s because they show the world who they are and what their interests are through their feed. Here are 3 easy ways to personalize your own Instagram!

Post photos that are genuine to who you are and what you like. The first step to personalizing your instagram profile is to post the photos that show who you are as a person. Do you like to cook a lot? Awesome! Post photos of you in the kitchen and your culinary masterpieces. Are you trying to launch yourself as a fashion blogger? That’s amazing! Start posting photos of you in your favorite outfits. Your profile will begin to show your personality through each photo.

I choose to post photos of myself with my best friends, family, and puppy, Isla, as well as some of my travels. I also love posting my favorite outfits and personal style that represent my blog as well.

Find your aesthetic. All major Instagram influencers have the prettiest feeds. Their photos all seem to have the same type of coloring and tone which in turn makes for a great flow. That’s because majority of them all use a specific filter on each of their pictures. There are so many types of editing apps you can download to your phone and computer. I personally started using Lightroom recently and that’s where I edit all of my photos for my blog and Instagram. The presets I use match my aesthetic, which is bright and warm toned that highlight the pastel colors.

Don’t be afraid to play around with your filters. I have switched mine up so much over the past year or so but I finally feel that I have found the filter that emulates what I want. To check what photos fit best in your feed, I recommend downloading an Instagram preview app! I love “Planoly” and “Preview,”

Customize your Instagram story highlight covers. One of my favorite parts of personalizing my own Instagram profile is setting my story highlights. I have different highlights that represent who I am as a person. I have an “About Me” highlight that has different templates that show my likes and preferences, there are “Shopping,” and “Travel,” highlights that show my favorite things while shopping as well as my travels here in the US and abroad. I also love highlighting my Bridal excursions because I feel that it’s something that sets me apart from so many other bloggers and influencers out there. I think it’s fun showing people an inside look at what the bridal fashion industry is really like!

To customize your Instagram story highlights, I recommend using the “Canva” app. It’s free to download to your phone, but some of the edits cost a little bit of money. I spent maybe $10 all together on creating my highlight covers, but I feel like it was so worth it! Below is a step by step tutorial on how to personalize your own!

Step 1: After you download the app, select the “your story” option at the very top. That is the correct format for Instagram stories. From there you can pick a template, or start from scratch with a blank format.

Step 2: Pick one of the colors, or customize your own by clicking the plus sign to view the entire color palette. Once you find a color you like best, select “done.”

Step 3: Click the small plus sign in the bottom right corner to add your own text and graphics. There are tons of different types of graphics that can be sized to your liking, as well as the text. I personally love the watermark type of graphics, as well as the “cinzel” font.

Step 4: Once you are satisfied, click the share button in the top right corner and save the image to your phone to then be shared on your Instagram story for your highlight. Like I mentioned, some graphics are premium images, so you might have to purchase them to download, but it helps to purchase multiple at one time!

~ ~ ~

If any of you have questions about making your profile more personal to you, please feel free to contact me! I can’t wait to see what you all come up with! xo

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