5 Tips to Getting Healthier Hair

Hello and happy Friday!!

Wow what a week it has been! Is anyone else feeling abnormally tired like all the time or is that just me wanting to hibernate for the rest of winter…? Maybe if it wasn’t so bitter cold out, I wouldn’t feel this way, but whatever lol. So anyways, I’ve been getting a ton of messages from you guys asking for my best tips to getting healthier hair, and let me first just say, I used to be SO horrible when it came to my hair. I used drug store shampoo and conditioner, I never used heat protectant, and I was constantly ripping through tangles like it was nothing. Shoutout to my hairdresser, Taylor over at Red’s salon for changing my ways or I’m sure I would be completely bald by now!! So here you go!

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1. Skip the washes. I used to be that girl who washed her hair every. single. day. It was exhausting. I didn’t realize how much my hair was suffering until I stopped! The natural oils in your scalp help keep your hair hydrated, which is essential in the winter time. I now only wash my hair once a week or so, and in between washes I use a spritz of dry shampoo! I promise you will notice a huge difference in your hair once you change your wash routine!

Try this dry shampoo in between washes!

2. Wet hair DO care. When it comes time to wash your hair, make sure you’re using a brand that does not strip your hair of it’s natural oils, or leave a waxy residue. I personally love purchasing the products at my hair salon because I know they’re high quality! So when you first get out of the shower, avoid wrapping your hair up in that funky towel hat. Instead, try using a cotton tshirt! Also, make sure you’re always using a wide tooth comb or a Wet Brush to comb out tangles because your hair is extremely vulnerable when it’s wet!

Try this shampoo and conditioner!

3. Protect, protect, protect. I’m sure you’ve heard before, the less heat you use, the better, I know that it’s not very practical. I love getting those bouncy waves with my curling wand, but before I ever put the wand to my hair, I make sure that it’s protected with heat protectant. The two brands I know and love are Kevin Murphy and Davines. They both have fabulous heat protectants that also work as detanglers! It’s a win-win!

Try these heat protectant/detanlgers by Kevin Murphy and Davines!

4. Treat yourself. There are so many different types of amazing treatments you can do for your hair these days. From DIY hair masks, to deep conditioning and oil treatments. All of them do wonders! I personally love using a few different essential oils mixed together to combat dryness!

Try these deep conditioners and oil treatments!

5. Braids are your friend. This is the simplest way to keep your hair healthy! Just wear braids at night! Now, I was the person who absolutely hated the feeling of my hair touching my neck or my face when I slept. I couldn’t stand it. It got to the point where I would tie it up into this super tight top-knot, but of course when I told my hair stylist this she flipped out. Those elastic bands cause a lot of breakage, but it’s also not good to wear your hair all down either. Braids will help to keep your hair in place and avoid harsh tangles! It’s also an easy way to get luscious waves in the morning without heat!

Try any of these hair ties for braids!

I hope these tips were helpful! As always, comment below if you have any more advice for getting healthier hair! xo

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