5 Ways to Disguise a Bad Hair Day

This one is for all the ladies out there who struggle with their hair on the regular, or the ladies who have busy schedules and don’t have time to do their hair every day. I alternate between these hairstyles all the time because I feel like I’m constantly on the #strugglebus with my hair. I’m just incapable of making it look good sometimes, so I fake it! These are some of my favorite ways to disguise a bad hair day, that are quick, easy and efficient!

Spray that dry shampoo. I literally survive on dry shampoo haha. In the morning when I’m running late and it’s been a few days since I washed my hair (I try to only wash it once or twice a week),  I just spray a little bit of dry shampoo and I’m good to go! Because I go through it so often, I usually just buy the Bastiste brand. It’s available anywhere and it’s cheap!

Dress it up with a bow. Adding a bow to your hair makes it look intentional. So yeah, you may be trying to hide the fact that you’re having a bad hair day and you’re just throwing your hair in a pony tail, but the bow makes it adorable! I personally love this bow from American Eagle and it’s currently on sale now! There is also a striped one on sale too if that’s more your style.

Braid it out. When in doubt, braid it out. There’s so many different ways you can braid your hair. From regular braids to french braids, fishtails, bubble braids, and the list goes on. Plus, they can make your hair all wavy, thus beating that bad hair day later on!

Add a beret. Are you really running late and you’re out of dry shampoo? Have no fear! Throw on a beret and you’re good to go! They’re on trend, and can dress up any outfit, making you look like a true fashionista. This particular beret is out of stock, but I love this one too!

French twisting for the win. French twists are similar to braids in that they are simple and there are many different ways to do them. The hairstyle above is one that I actually found from Pinterest and I loved it because it kept that hair out of my face while I worked and completely disguised my messy hair.

~ ~ ~

Keep an eye out for more hair and beauty posts for later this month! I definitely want to start posting more of my tips, from haircare to skincare and even makeup, so comment below if you have any specific requests! xo

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