A Look Inside the Festival de Cannes



The Cannes Film Festival, aka the most exclusive film festival in the world, has been an absolute blast to be a part of. I have been here for almost two weeks now working out of the American Pavilion and for the Insider’s Camp, learning more and more about management and coordination for large scale events, and much more about the film industry as well.

When my small GVSU group first arrived in Cannes on the 14th, our lovely professor, Lorie Tuma, gave us a private tour of the Palais and the Marché, the two enormous venues of the festival. It was so crazy to see the number of people working so late trying to get the inside decorated and finished for the following day. We were able to see several theaters, including the grand auditorium, Lumiére Theatre, and a few of the smaller theaters. At one point, we were even able to get to the rooftop which had a fabulous view of the Promenade de la Croisette and the Mediterranean Sea. The sun was getting ready to set so the scenery was just breathtaking. The festival itself though, is fantastic. I truly love seeing this side of the events industry!

A few of the films my friends and I have been invited to have received mixed reviews, but getting the chance to walk the red carpet made up for it! I was actually able to attend the opening day premiere of “Ismael’s Ghosts,” and it was interesting. It was my first french film, so I knew it would be a bit different than what I have seen before back in the States. Unfortunately, I felt that the story line was quite bland. I was however, able to attend the 25th anniversary screening of “Unforgiven,” where Clint Eastwood was there to present. It was amazing! I am hoping to get tickets tonight for the Sofia Coppola film, “The Beguiled,” but we’ll see! It’s one of the films that everyone is dying to see!

This entire experience has been like a dream. I have gained so much knowledge of the event and film industry, and I couldn’t be more thankful. In a few days I will be hopping on a train to Monaco and then Paris, and my level of excitement is through the roof, especially because Tessa ( Simply Tess ) will be meeting me there! As always, make sure you’re following me through my several social media accounts to stay up to date on the details of my trip!

Au revoir! xo

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