Carry-On Essentials for Long Flights

Hi friends!

Today’s the day I leave for the South of France for the Festival de Cannes and I’m BEYOND excited! This is going to be my third time to Europe in the past few years and I will be traveling to a few new places, like Cannes, Monaco and Spain, and I can’t wait to explore.

Before I can even get there though, I have to endure the horrendous eight hour flight tonight. Flying doesn’t have to be all that bad though, as long as you know what to pack in your carry on. Of course, there are the essentials like, snacks and a neck pillow, but there are so many more items that you can bring to make long flights more enjoyable!

I plan on packing everything in my brand new Lo & Sons Catalina Deluxe Small bag because not only is it durable, but it can fit all that I need in the several compartments! I also love that it has a sleeve so that I can slide it onto the handle of my rolling suitcase.

As for the items that will get me through this long flight, I plan on bringing things that will keep me entertained, help me to sleep, and things to get me refreshed when we’re ready to land! A few include, my laptop and a good book, a sleep mask and comfy socks, and facial cleansing wipes!

Definitely make sure to stay connected with me while I’m traveling by staying up to date with posts here on A Touch Of Tulle and on my Instagram ( @allysonbirddd ) and SnapChat ( ally_bird ) where I will be posting each day at the festival and while I’m having fun exploring!


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