Chasing Waterfalls







Ciao everyone!

So I’m just going to begin this by saying I am not an avid hiker by any means. Like not at all. I enjoy going for walks, but hiking up, down and along the sides of cliffs would not particularly be my first choice when it came to activities. The other day however, I surprised myself by walking 8.3 miles to and from the most beautiful waterfall with my class! Yes, my legs were burning, and yes, I was regretting all of the gelato I ate the day before, but the views along the trail and at the waterfall were breathtaking!

The mountains we hiked through were called the Gran Paradiso mountains which were only about an hour away from Aosta. I was a bit nervous prior to the actual hike because I didn’t pack the type of clothes, or shoes especially, to be trekking through the mountains. But I knew that I probably wouldn’t get a chance to do this again, so I did my best to make it work. It definitely wasn’t easy though!

As I got closer and closer, I could hear the sound of rushing water and even smell it in the air. I almost began to run because I was so excited to have finally made it! It was hands down the most beautiful waterfall I’d ever seen. The blue skies were peaking through the clouds, which were hovering within the mountain tops in the distance. I just stood there, amazed at where I actually was at that moment. It seemed as if I was actually staring straight into a postcard. I wish more than anything that my loved ones could be here to experience this with me.

Stay tuned for more posts later this week as I continue to travel throughout Italy!


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