Creating Your Own Girl Boss Space

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

I am so excited for this post! I have been wanting to share my little “Girl Boss” corner for quite a while now but I just haven’t gotten to it. The space may be small, (trust me I have big plans for my next office once Jacob and I move) but I’ve learned to work with the space and create something that works perfectly for me!

Many of the items you see above were purchased on sale at places like Home Goods, Target and even online through Wayfair, so it’s super easy to create your own space just like this! Below I’ve listed a few essentials that I believe every Girl Boss space should have!

#1 A Desk. A desk is a given, but a table would work just fine too! You’ll just need something to do your work on. Whether you’re a blogger like me and need to brain storm and work on your computer or laptop, or you want to use it for other Girl Boss activities! This desk in particular was a gift from my mom and we found it on Wayfair for a fairly inexpensive price. Because I wanted to stick to the gold metallic theme, I even spray painted the drawer knob, which was an easy way to make it more personal.

#2 A Vision Board. This board is by far my favorite DIY project that I’ve ever completed. I wanted something to look at each and every day that had quotes and photos of things that would motivate me to push further in whatever I was doing. There are travel photos, a picture of my dream house, and tons of quotes that I love too! This is something that can be completely done to your liking. I bought a cheap cork board from Hobby Lobby, along with sparkly black paper to line on the inside. I then painted the frame white, and laid out and glued all of the pictures in a collage that I liked best and then it was ready to hang up! (Tessa ended up doing a vision board as well for her room and I LOVE how it turned out! It’s so “her.” Check it out here!)

#3 Inspirational Quotes. Going off of the vision board here, I think that having inspirational quotes in a Girl Boss area is so important. Not only do I have a few on my vision board, but I have a small sign underneath that has one of my favorite quotes on it. “Life isn’t about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself.” A good friend of mine gave this to me last year when I was going through one of my many emotional breakdowns from school, and it really is the perfect touch to my Girl Boss space.

#4 Notebooks & Planners. I always have some type of notebook handy in case I need to jot down ideas or plans. I also always have my planner close by to stay up to date on my weekly schedule (I’m sure you guys already guessed this because I’m a crazy planner lady).

#5 Books & Magazines. Having different books and magazines around for quick inspiration is crucial. I’m currently subscribed to Vogue, W, and Elle, I get new issues from The Knot Michigan from work, and I also have been loving the Magnolia Journal as well! It’s just a little bit of everything, but it makes me happy!

#6 Storage Boxes. Hide. The Clutter. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t stand seeing clutter anywhere in my apartment, especially where I work. I found this adorable metallic gold rose patterned box at Joann’s and it has become a life saver. It would be really easy to DIY a little box for your own desk space too!

#7 Fresh Flowers. This may not be for everyone, but I love having fresh flowers in every room of my apartment. Currently, I have one vase in my bedroom, two in my living room and one in my kitchen! I think fresh flowers just bring a sense of serenity, but they’re also so pretty (especially these gorgeous peonies! My fav!)

Are there certain essentials you have in your own Girl Boss space? Comment below or send me photos! I am dying to see how you all decorate your areas! xoxo

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