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Ciao bellas!

There are literally no words that could possibly describe how beautiful the Amalfi Coast was. The Mediterranean Sea blended perfectly with the bright blue sky. Every where I looked seemed like it was post card material.

I stayed with my friends in Sorrento, which is a lively town full of very friendly people, great restaurants and wonderful scenery. On Friday morning we caught the ferry from Sorrento to Capri Island. I was so exhausted from the many weeks of ongoing traveling, so it was hard to stay awake, however, once I saw the beautiful island getting closer and closer I perked up. The mountains were reaching up to the sky and the sail boats rocked back and forth on top of the crystal clear water. The first thing we did was check out the blue grotto. I was so eager to see the enchanted cave after seeing so many photos of it, but let me tell you, it was not worth the fifteen euros. The men in the small canoes that took people in and out of the cave completely rushed through it. I didn’t get any good photos because our canoe was inside the cave for less than two minutes, and immediately after the man asked for even more money for tips. Now I understand that was their job, but I think it’s quite rude to ask for tips, especially when the experience was not enjoyable.

To make up for the blue grotto, my friends and I walked up to Anacapri where we had a delicious lunch and then took the chair lift up to the top of Mount Solaro. Like many of you already know, I am severely afraid of heights, so I was slightly weary of this small chair attached to a wire that was supposed to carry me all the way to the top. I was clenching onto the handle with one hand, while my other hand attempted to snap a few pictures. The views really were great and the ride was surprisingly smooth. At the very top of the mountain, I felt like I could see for miles. To put this into perspective, Mount Solaro is 589 meters above sea level, and I could still spot each rock in clear blue sea. Being up on that mountain was unlike anything in the world. I completely forgot about how scared I was on the chairlift (that is, until I had to go back down of course).

The small town of Anacapri had so many fun little shops and boutiques to explore. My favorite being the custom leather sandal shop where visitors could create their own pair with the owner. I was in shock by all of the different styles and decorations. If I hadn’t have just bought a pair of Italian leather sandals in Cinque Terre, I would have totally gotten some!

After dragging myself out of the shopping area, my friends and I stumbled upon the most beautiful garden I had ever seen. The Gardens of Augustus were covered in twisting vines and winding sidewalks lined with flowers. Growing up, my favorite book was The Secret Garden, so I was in heaven. The views from the garden were so astonishing, it made it hard to leave. That night I wondered how anything could possibly top Capri Island, but the very next day I wandered over to Positano for a beach day. The famous beach tucked in between the cliff sides was magnificent. Although I didn’t love the rocky beach, (I really am spoiled by the beaches in Michigan), I still loved the carefree atmosphere. My friends and I grabbed some lunch at the most adorable little restaurant on the beach where we were each treated like royalty. If you ever find yourself in Positano, make sure you go to Covo del Saraceni where you will get exceptional food and service with beautiful views. Also, make sure you grab some lemon sorbet! It’s to die for!

Afterwards, the three of us decided to stray away from the crowds and head up into the hills. It was there where we were able to see all of Positano. It felt so good to have finally made it to the town I’d seen so many pictures of. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to go back and experience it all over again. Until then, I guess Rome will have to do 🙂

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