Fabletics Friday: Aerial Outfit

Hello everyone and happy Friday!

I am so excited to introduce this new series! As you all know, I made a resolution to get in shape during 2017, and since then I have realized that my workout apparel has been lacking quite a bit. After a few recommendations from friends, I decided to check out Fabletics. Within seconds I was hooked! Their designs are so fun and bold, but what I love most is that they offer an awesome VIP Membership program that puts new athletic outfits together every month!

I chose this Aerial outfit complete with full leggings, an open back top and criss-cross sports bra. I love how the top is open and airy in the back. It’s perfect for those hot yoga days! The sports bra gives the perfect amount of support and the detail in the back is to die for! The quality of each of these pieces really is worth every penny. I can tell that even after a few uses that they are not going to stretch out or tear like several other athletic clothes I’ve worn before.

The best part is, next month I’ll have a whole new set of outfits to choose from! The VIP Membership really is great because it’s completely free to sign up and there’s no rule saying that you need to purchase anything each month. As long as you click “skip this month” in your account before the 5th of that month, you’re golden!

Expect to see a new Fabletics post each month from now on showcasing the stylish athletic outfit I chose for that specific month! Want to shop all of the outfits and gear from Fabletics? Follow the link here!


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