Fall Guest of the Wedding Dress Guide

Hi pretty people! Happy October!

It’s officially the start of spooky season, and while my mind is stuck on pumpkin spice everything, sweater weather, and Halloween, I’m taking a little break to bring you all a guide on what to wear to all of your Fall weddings! I’ve got some midi florals, pleated skirts and ruffles upon ruffles at every price point.

I had so many requests for info on the dress I wore to my best friend’s rehearsal dinner a couple weekends ago (click here for more info on that dress), and luckily, I found two others just like it in other colors and prints. I love embracing the colors of Fall, so you’ll notice that many of them are showing in burgundies, deep blues and greens, and soft autumn floral patterns.

Check each of them out below!

Under $500

Under $300

Under $100

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