February Stories & Spaces: Self-love

Since February is the month of love, what better topic to discuss than love within yourself? For our second month of this newly transformed series, Stories & Spaces, Tessa decided that it would be best to not have a physical meet-up due to the personal topics we would be talking about. She wanted us to really think deeply about ourselves and reflect freely and honestly without hesitation!

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The first question she wanted us to answer was why self-love is so important. I believe that self-love truly is the foundation of all self confidence and happiness because without it, how could anyone feel comfortable in their own skin? It is something that can sometimes take time to develop, but once it’s there, it’s remarkable. It personally took me years to find self-love, and I still have to work at it today, but I’m a lot happier now than I used to be. During my high school years and even into my freshman year of college I was so caught up in issues with body image that it began to get unhealthy. It drove me crazy that I didn’t have a body like the models I’d see on instagram. I told myself over and over again that I was never going to be tall enough or toned enough and that my skin was never going to be tan enough either. Not loving myself for who I was drove me into such a dark hole that it’s almost scary for me to think about today. I know now that I’m not perfect and there’s nothing wrong with that. I actually think it’s those little imperfections that make us all unique.

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The next thing Tessa wanted us to think about is how we treat ourselves. Since I appreciate the simpler things in life, I try to treat myself each day with something little, like snuggling in bed to read or watch my favorite Netflix show. I also enjoy turning my bathroom into my own version of a 5-star spa complete with my favorite Mahogany Teakwood candles, Lush bath bombs and a cleansing face mask. If I’m ever in need of a bigger pick-me-up though, I head downtown to one of my favorite cafés for macarons and cream puffs. They are way too delicious to pass up! Mini adventures are another way I treat myself, especially when the weather is as beautiful as it has been in Michigan the last few days! The other day I went on a small hike with my sorority big, Cassie and other sorority sister, Raquel. Getting away from my responsibilities at school for just a short amount of time felt so good. The sun was beating down on us once we reached Lake Michigan and it made me feel completely rejuvenated.


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The final question Tessa asked was what we love most about ourselves. I really had to think about this one because the thing I love most about myself isn’t something that involves outward appearance; it’s my drive. No matter how hard things get, I never seem to lose sight of my dreams. I may fall down from time to time and get upset, but it doesn’t ever cause me to give up, and I think that’s beautiful.

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Tessa did such an amazing job picking out this topic. I think the timing was absolutely perfect with it being the month of love. Make sure you check out what she said, as well as what Paige and Alyssa had to say as well!

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  1. February 20, 2017 / 3:41 pm

    This is truly the most beautiful post, and I’m so inspired by you every single day! Your drive is such a beautiful thing, and your joy and positive soul shines inside and out!! <3
    xo, Tessa – http://www.simplytess.co

    • bird.allyson@yahoo.com
      February 21, 2017 / 11:26 am

      Thank you so much! I don’t know what I would do without you!! <3

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