Goodbye Bianka Bridal

Wow, I never thought that I would be typing this post up. This place was so much more than just a bridal store to me. It was my home away from home and it never felt like work. I walked through those doors a little over two years ago and it was like a dream come true. Working in bridal sparked a passion in me that I never knew existed. I truly found my thing.

Most days were spent helping brides in arguably the most crucial part of their wedding planning process; finding their gown. I felt so important being the one to style them and make them feel their absolute best. The connection I have made with my brides over the years is unlike any other.

With tomorrow being my last day, I can’t help but think about all of the good times that were spent within those walls. From playing dress up every free minute we had, to planning our numerous trips to market in Chicago and NYC. These women were technically coworkers, but we were more like family. I have grown so close to each and every one of them, that that’s what makes it so hard to leave. I know that we will always remain close though.

The future is bright because of Bianka Bridal and I will never forget that. Thank you to Katia for taking a chance on some overly eager little blonde girl who walked in two years ago looking for an internship. Thank you to Rosy and Maria for being such amazing leaders and role models the entire way through. Thank you to Lizzie, Ashley, Marissa and Elizabeth for being my sisters. To our newest interns, good luck and do not take a moment of this for granted because you never know where it can take you.

Goodbye Bianka Bridal, I will always love you.


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