Guide To Sorority Recruitment: Outfits & Essentials


You’re all signed up, your countdown is set on your phone, and you find yourself anxiously day-dreaming about Sorority Recruitment, until you remember that you have no idea what to wear! You go into full on crisis mode and begin tearing your closet apart looking for the perfect outfits. Within a matter of minutes you find yourself buried underneath a mountain of dresses, shirts and shoes, just wishing you had some help. Well here it is, for part two of the Guide to Sorority Recruitment, I will be sharing outfit ideas and essentials that will get you through the long, hectic weekend that is Sorority Recruitment.


Day 1 Information Round. This is the first day you will be meeting and talking with all of the sororities, which means you’ll be walking to several different houses throughout the day. Comfortable shoes is a definite must, just think flats. Some schools, like GVSU, provide a T-shirt that is to be worn on the first round. That makes it a bit easier to plan your first outfit, but you still want to show your personal style. Pair that plain T-shirt with your favorite jeans, capris or shorts. Jewelry can also be added to show your personality.



Day 2 Philanthropy Round. This round is very similar to the first because it’s meant to be more casual. You’ll be learning about the sorority’s philanthropy and will most likely be participating in some hands on activities and crafts, so make sure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing. I would stick to jeans, shorts, skirts and cute tops that are paired nicely with jewelry. Remember, showing your personality is a huge thing, and it can easily be done with what you wear!



Day 3 Sisterhood Round/House Tours. This round is much dressier than the first two rounds; my Rho Gamma described it as “snappy casual.” Sundresses, skirts and even rompers would be perfect! Just remember that if you wear heels, you will more likely than not be walking up and down the stairs during house tours so make sure you can actually walk in them 🙂


Day 4 Preference Round. This is the most formal out of all the Recruitment rounds. You will be deciding which of your final two chapter’s will be your home, and that’s a pretty big deal. Make sure you dress the part! Think business casual and cocktail dresses/skirts. Don’t be afraid to accessorize or wear colors either!

Recruitment Essentials


  1. Tote Bag. This makes it much easier to carry all of the important essentials during the long recruitment days.
  2. Water & snacks. This is probably one of the most important things to remember. Recruitment days can get very long, and sometimes the weather is blazing hot. Having refreshments and snacks to munch on will keep your energy up!
  3. Extra makeup. Like I said, it can get really hot out which can cause makeup to run. The last thing you want is to look like a zombie while meeting all of the different sororities.
  4. Hair brush & hairspray. If your hair is super flat like mine, this is a definite must to touch it up throughout the day.
  5. Tide-To-Go Stick. Who knows, you could spill something on yourself, or you could maybe even trip and fall into the dirt like I did during recruitment last year. Being able to color those stains away is such a stress reliever!
  6. Bandaids. This is so important!!! You are going to be walking and standing around a lot! Blisters can completely ruin your day and you do not want that.
  7. Mints/gum. Combat that breath and dry mouth so you can go into each round cool and confident!
  8. Chapstick. Because nobody wants to have dry, burning lips the whole day!
  9. Journal & pen. Bringing a journal and a pen is a great way to jot down things you like and don’t like about each sorority once you leave their house.
  10. Pain Meds. I’m not going to lie; Recruitment is overwhelming. There’s tons of yelling and singing, so you could possibly get a headache. Be prepared just in case with some Ibuprofen!


I know Recruitment can seem nerve wracking, but each woman you meet has been in your shoes once before. They understand how chaotic things can get and when it comes down to it, they just want to get to know you, so be yourself! Stay positive and keep an open mind throughout the process and I promise, you will find your home. Good luck and have fun!!


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