Hey, I’m a College Graduate!

Hey everyone! Guess who is officially a college graduate?!

This past weekend was by far the most exciting and memorable weekends of my entire life. I became a graduate from GVSU, something I have been dreaming of accomplishing for many, many years now. These past four years went by in the blink of an eye, but I made a ton of amazing friendships, connections, and most importantly, memories.

I was able to begin and end in a college program that took me to amazing places. Choosing the Hospitality and Tourism Management major taught me so much about the industry and business in general, but I also got to learn about the world we live in. I got the opportunity to study abroad not once, but twice. From traveling all over Italy as a sophomore, learning about food, wine, culture and tourism, to working the International Cannes Film Festival in the South of France as a junior last year. I owe it all to Grand Valley.

I have to give thanks to GVSU for also bringing me to some of my very best friends. Tessa and I were able to be roommates for two years, I joined Phi Mu and found myself with hundreds of life long sisters, and of course, I met outstanding people in my classes and through study abroad too!

My plans now are to continue working at Bianka Bridal part-time until Jacob and I move down South for his job this summer. I will then begin working for designer brand, Nicole Milano, as a sales agent for the region (so more Bridal Diaries blogs to come!). I am extremely excited for these next few months. I’ve worked so hard to be where I am, living my dream, and I couldn’t have gotten here without my family, my friends, and GVSU. The best truly is yet to come.

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