Highlights From Nantucket’s Daffy Weekend

Hi friends!

I am so elated to finally be able to share the highlights from my last Nantucket trip. Jake and I got back early last week, but if I’m being honest, we could have stayed there forever. While it was a bit colder than what we were used to, we still enjoyed every moment!

Instead of taking the ferry to the island, we decided to fly in, and let me tell you, it was quite the experience! The weather wasn’t fabulous the day we flew in, so the tiny jet plane was being blown around in the sky, but because it was so cloudy, we couldn’t see anything! Needless to say, Jake’s arm was losing circulation from how hard I was holding on, but we made it there safely and that’s all that matters!

We stayed at the same adorable inn as we did over Labor Day weekend and were not disappointed. The Roberts Collection truly feels like Nantucket with the level of charm and amazing location. The staff is so wonderful and helpful and I know we will be staying there again next time!

The morning of the festival, Jake and I stopped by Handlebar Cafe for lattes in the prettiest hand painted mugs by Meredith Hanson, a local Nantucket artist. They were so gorgeous, I ended up purchasing the ceramic version to take home with me.

We were blessed with such beautiful weather the day of the parade! Blue skies and sunshine all day long, which was a huge change from the day before. Everyone’s happy and joyful spirits must have chased the rain away!

After the parades in town, everyone got in their cars and drove out to ‘sconset for a tailgate picnic. Some people went all out with their food displays, while others kept it simple with a blanket on the grass with wine and a cheese board. The positive energy flowing around in this area was contagious! I mean, how could you not be happy on a beautiful day like that, surrounded by energetic people with food AND adorable dogs! (It seemed as if everyone and their mother brought their dogs and it made me wish more than anything that I had brought my Isla baby, but next time we definitely will!)

No trip to ‘sconset is complete until you say hi to the gorgeous Sankaty Lighthouse. It looked postcard perfect when we drove up to it, but goodness gracious it was SO WINDY. I literally fell over at one point from the wind, so unfortunately Jake and I couldn’t get too many pictures there because it was brutal.

The day after the festival was spent shopping around town and admiring the different daffodil displays, and eating tons of good food! One thing I didn’t plan for was that several of the restaurants I know and love on Nantucket were not yet open for the season, but it ended up being okay because it gave Jake and I a chance to try new places! Plus, because it was still considered off season, every place we tried getting into before during the summer was an easy walk in, rather than waiting an hour at least!

We particularly loved The Brotherhood of Thieves restaurant for it’s cozy ambiance and amazing food! If you’re in the mood for a lobster roll during the off season, this is where you need to go! As for a great breakfast/brunch restaurant, we loved both The Club Car and Black Eyed Susan’s. The Club Car is so aesthetically pleasing on the inside, and I could have eaten multiple bowls of their chia pudding! But if you’re on Nantucket and looking for some no frills type of breakfast, please do yourself a favor and go to Black Eyed Susan’s and order a large plate of their blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup. Sweet Jesus these babies were good! I didn’t even want to give Jake a bite of mine, they were that delicious!

Our final day on the island was spent almost entirely at Cisco Brewery enjoying the live music and good drinks. While it was one of the worst days for weather, they did put up a big tent to protect everyone from the rain. Jake and I sat right in front of the band and sang along to every song and laughed the whole day away.

I wish more than anything that we didn’t have to leave Nantucket. It feels so much like home to me. Being by the water, the charm of the downtown area, the welcoming locals. I just love it. I’m already figuring out my plans for our next trip, so I hope you’re ready for your social media feed to be flooded with more photos and videos again! xo

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