Holiday Gift Guide For The Style Icon

1. Kate Spade Jeweled Handbag // 2. Ted Baker London Flats // 3. Pieces Of Me “Confident” Bracelet // 4. Cream Bow Tie Neck Dress // 5. Burberry Scarf // 6. Velvet Hair Tie Bow // 7. Tory Burch Crystal Pearl Earrings // 8. Le Specs Sunglasses // 9. J.Crew Wool Coat //

The countdown is set and there are only three more days left until Christmas! Can you believe it? For the final Holiday Gift Guide of the year, I bring to you the perfect gift ideas for the style icon in your life. This is for that person who loves fashion wholeheartedly and has a distinct personal style.

The Cream Bow Tie Neck Dress is such a classic piece that belongs in any preppy girl’s closet. I personally wear it every chance I get! I’ve also seen some very famous fashion bloggers wearing it all over NYC and Paris. Complete the look with an adorable pair of Ted Baker London flats and the cozy Wool J.Crew coat and you’re all set!

You can never go wrong when buying jewelry, and I love the simple, yet elegant, Tory Burch Crystal Pearl Earrings. They would simply go perfectly with any outfit! I also love the Pieces of Me bracelets. They’re the greatest gift idea because the symbols on each bracelet represent a personality trait. I have the “dreamer” and “strong” bracelet and I wear them all the time, but I’m hoping to get many more this holiday season!

If you’re wanting to splurge a little, definitely go for a Burberry Scarf or the gorgeous Kate Spade Jeweled Handbag. Both would be stunning with any outfit! Like I’ve mentioned in a couple of blog posts, I wear my Burberry scarf almost every where I go in the Fall and Winter. It’s warm, but also super stylish.

~ ~ ~

I’ll be taking a little bit of a break for the holidays to spend time with family, so catch me here next week after Christmas! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! xo

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