It’s My Birthday & I’ll Post If I Want To

Good morning, good morning, good morning everyone! Happy Labor Day and also Happy Birthday to me! I’m 23! I still cannot even fathom that I have been on this planet for over two decades. Time has just been flying by! Even though I’m only a few years into my twenties, I still feel as if I have learned so many life lessons. Many were of course learned the hard way, but these lessons have completely shaped the person I am today, and for that, I am proud.

Today I wanted to share a little something special for my birthday; 23 gifts of gratitude to my 23 year old self. These are all things that I am grateful for establishing in my life that I should be recognizing more often. After all, this crazy life we live in is made up of so many million minuscule things, so why not take the time to be grateful for each and every one of them?

. . .

Thank you for sacrificing time in college to get where you are today.

Thank you for taking the leap and traveling as much as you have.

Thank you for being so brave and doing the things that scare you.

Thank you for cutting out the toxic people in your life who hurt you so much.

Thank you for continuing to be optimistic no matter what trials stand in front of you.

Thank you for learning to put yourself out there to meet new people.

Thank you for growing roots in such a new place, yet always staying true to who you are.

Thank you for learning to move on from the past.

Thank you for dedicating time for self love and care.

Thank you for constantly pushing yourself to make and achieve new goals.

Thank you for opening up and being vulnerable when you need to be.

Thank you for always working hard for yourself and others.

Thank you for being honest and real.

Thank you for trusting in God and His plan for you.

Thank you for keeping up on the little things.

Thank you for fighting to stay positive even when you want to break.

Thank you for not listening or waiting for approval to chase your dreams.

Thank you for learning to put the phone down and live in the moment.

Thank you for understanding that grace is so much better than perfection.

Thank you for always taking the time to smell the flowers.

Thank you for being the strongest person you know.

Thank you for always remaining a kid at heart.

Thank you for discovering that working on yourself is the greatest gift you can give.

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