Laid Back in Plaid

Plaid Skirt // Cable Knit Sweater // Knee High Socks // Hunter Boots //

Happy Friday you beautiful humans!

It has been so snowy in West Michigan this week that I have been basically wanting to hibernate in my apartment as much as possible. Receiving this adorable plaid skirt in the mail from Kiel James Patrick was the only thing that got me excited to go outside! I’m seriously obsessed with all of his pieces. The cozy prints are matched with amazing quality made here in the USA, so you guys have to check it out!

I love how neutral this plaid print is because it can be paired with a couple different colored sweaters to make for a laid back and relaxed look. This cable knit sweater is so soft and super versatile too. I’ve already worn it with a few different outfits. It definitely has been keeping me warm in these chilly temperatures!

Anytime I can incorporate my Hunter Boots into outfits, I end up loving them even more. I think they are so cute, especially with little knee high socks! My Hunter Boot collection has definitely expanded, but I’m hoping someday to have a closet full of them!

~ ~ ~

What is your favorite piece to incorporate into your outfits? Comment below! xoxo

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