Life Changes


Good morning loves and happy Saturday!

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering where I’ve been for the past few days, but I have some amazing news! I recently moved into my brand new apartment with my favorite people, and life couldn’t be better. The apartment complex is right down the road from GVSU campus, so it’ll be a quick commute once classes begin next week! Not to mention my Phi Mu big, Cassie, lives right upstairs!

Although I am not quite finished decorating, as I have big plans for each room, I’m already in love with how this whole apartment looks. Tessa and I will be creating an adorable little coffee/tea corner, as well as a gallery wall display in the living room. As for mine and Jacob’s room, there will also be a gallery wall with tons of our travel photos, and the closet will be completely overhauled within the next few weeks!

So not only will I be busy decorating my new place, but I will also be redoing my entire blog layout too! With help from a web designer, I will finally have the custom layout I have always wanted. Want a hint on what it’ll look like? Think minimalist and white. That’s all you get! You’ll have to just stay tuned for more details later!

Well I better get back to unpacking, so I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend, and good luck on your first few days of classes next week!


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