Life in Dallas

Good morning lovely people!

It’s been a minute since I posted on here and I’m so sorry! As you all know, I moved down to Dallas, Texas the first week of January and started my new job right away, so it’s taken me a little while longer than I expected to adjust to my new “normal.” There’s so much that has happened though, so let me just start at the beginning!

So first off, I LOVE MY APARTMENT! It’s seriously so perfect I wouldn’t change anything about it! I’m about 7 minutes from the center of downtown Dallas (and my work), which I love because the traffic down here is no joke (I’ll get more into how I’ve adjusted to the driving here later in this post). Because I’ve been so busy, I haven’t been able to decorate a whole lot, but I have big plans and I promise to share room reveals as I finish each space! I also plan to do a full post highlighting the district that I live in because it’s literally adorable. I’m talking cute coffee shops, boutiques and amazing restaurants that are just steps away!

Secondly, my job is everything I could have asked for and more. Neiman Marcus is such an awesome place to work at, and I feel beyond blessed to walk through their doors every single day. Not only is my specific bridal team extremely positive and helpful, but every person in the store that I’ve met is super friendly! It definitely makes this move feel worth it knowing that I have a little family with Neiman’s already.

Jacob and I have officially found a church that we love (as of yesterday) and we couldn’t be more excited! We attended Gateway Church in North Fort Worth and it felt like we were walking into giant welcoming arms! There are tons of fun events that they have coming up, which will be great because it’ll give us a chance to meet more amazing people, but we’re also just excited to grow closer to the Lord together.

As for my sweet Isla Rose, I would say she’s slowly adjusting, but it’s going to take a little more time for her to feel comfortable in her new routine. She did SO GREAT in the car on the way down! She pretty much napped the whole time and was a complete angel in the hotel room when we stopped in Missouri. I think she’s just missing my family back home, which is totally understandable because she spent so much time with them. Jake and I have her signed up with a doggy daycare facility that she will go to when I’m at work so she can socialize and get exercise, but I also make sure to take her on long walks in the neighborhood and to the numerous dog parks around the city, so I’m sure she will fully adjust soon!

So you could say I’m pretty happy with how things are going so far down here. The only thing I wish I could change is the way people drive LOL. It’s insanity!! I feel like I have to say a prayer and tell Jesus to take the wheel every day! People either go 80 mph or 45 mph on the highways, there’s no such thing as a passing lane because people don’t care whether they’re going around you on the right or left so you have to watch out, and don’t even get me started on how confusing the roads are. It seems as if every lane goes a different way and I swear to you, I’ve gotten lost more times than I’d like to admit (just ask any of my loved ones who have been on the phone with me while I’ve been in the car… they’ve heard all the screaming and frustration come out of me LOL). If you are reading this and live in Dallas, please watch out for me in my little chevy cruze because I don’t know where I’m going half the time!

If you’ve made it to the end of this post, you deserve a prize!! I know it was a long one, but I told you I had a lot to update you on! Stay on the lookout for more posts this week and hopefully by the beginning of February I will have a complete blog schedule set in stone. I hope you all have a fantastic week! xoxo

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