Little French Girl

Lace Ruffle Blouse // Striped Overall Dress // Wool Buret // Grey Vintage Shoes // Grey Sheer Tights // Red Handbag // Lipstick //

 Hello loves!

I’m so excited to share this brand new look with you! As you all know, I am heavily inspired by the French in basically everything I do. I love French architecture, French food, and especially French fashion! The way that the women dress (at least from what I’ve seen during my trips to France) is very minimalistic, but feminine at the same time. I put my own twist on that and paired a simple, pinstriped overall dress over this adorable ruffle, blouse, and I am in love with the end result.

Since I love little pops of color here and there, I chose to do a red lip using my favorite lipstick, and accessorize with this small red handbag. Not only is the handbag versatile, but it was super inexpensive! There are several other colors that it comes in as well!

 The quintessential French accessory that I love most of all is a beret. This wool beret is the icing on top for this outfit and it gives it so much character. I think a beret can be worn with so many outfits to give it a little something extra. I honestly felt like a little French girl walking down the street in downtown Grand Rapids to my favorite macaron shop to pick up my favorite treats!

 ~ ~ ~

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      February 2, 2018 / 8:44 pm

      Thank you so much!! <3

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