Looking Back & Looking Forward

Hello loves!

With only a few days left of 2017, I felt that it was necessary to reflect on the many things that happened over the last (almost) 365 days. Of course, there were ups and downs, but one of my big resolutions for this new year is to focus more on the positives, so today I am sharing with you all my top 25 favorite moments of 2017.

1. January 15th Visiting a Frozen Lake Michigan. I had never seen the lake look this magical before! It was also abnormally warm for how much ice there was, which was kind of odd, but we took full advantage of it! (click here for this blog post)

2. February 19th Hiking Rosy Mound Trail. Again, another abnormally warm day for Winter in Michigan, so my friends and I decided to go for a hike to see the amazing views of Lake Michigan.

3. March 19th Chicago Bridal Market. If you’ve been following me for a while, I’m sure you can tell I’m pretty obsessed with my job. Anytime I get to go to Bridal Market to pick out the newest styles I feel so thankful! (click here for that blog post)

4. April 19th Last Minute Modeling Gig. So this sort of fell into my lap when the model backed out last minute and I was preparing the dress for the shoot. It was such a fun opportunity getting to relive my old modeling days in a gorgeous Hayley Paige gown! (click here for that blog post)

5. April 28th Support From Family and Friends. During this time I had a really scary health problem and it felt so good to have my family and friends show their love and support the whole time through!

6. May 9th Tulip Time. Spring time in West Michigan means one thing; tulip time! It’s a tradition for Tessa and I to go together and this past year was by far the best!

7. May 11th Jake is home! For 6 weeks, Jacob was away for work in Florida and it was the longest we had been apart in forever! It was so good to finally see him!

8. May 17th Walking the Red Carpet in Cannes. This past May I had the amazing opportunity to work at the Cannes Film Festival and I was lucky enough to get red carpet tickets to the premier. It was truly unforgettable! (click here for that blog post)

9. May 21st Dinner in Cannes With Good Friends. Being in Cannes, France was the best time with the best people! One of my favorite nights was when a few of us got together to have dinner and drinks at this fantastic restaurant.

10. May 24th Trying on the Elie Saab Dress in Monaco. So obviously there were several other great things that came out of my trip to Monaco, but I will never forget when I was talked into trying on this one of a kind Elie Saab dress by my friends. I still beg my dad every day to get it for me! (click here for that post)

11. May 28th Tessa’s Engagement Celebration in Paris. Probably one of the best days ever, (even though it was at least 100 degrees in Paris on this day), because Tessa and I met up and spent the day doing all of our favorite things to celebrate her engagement! Myself and my two other friends even surprised her with a picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower towards the end of the day. (click here for our brunch celebration in Paris post)

12. May 30th Getting to Spain with Torie. A vacation from a vacation! While France was amazing, it was also extremely busy. One of my best friends, Torie, and I made the trip to Malága, Spain for a little relaxation before I made it back to the States. It was such a fun trip! (click here for that post)

13. June 5th Surprises at the Airport. When I landed in Detroit, I had the best surprise! I thought it was only going to be my dad picking me up, but my brother and Jacob were also there with flowers! I honestly almost cried!

14. June 20th The Knot Workshop in Arizona. This was my first time ever traveling to Arizona, and I got to go with a couple of my Bianka Bridal girls! We had so much fun learning about marketing and social media for the business, as well as meeting with other individuals in the industry! (click here for that blog post)

15. August 28th The Start of Senior Year. My last first day ever with my best friend by my side! It was surreal. I can’t believe I graduate in just four months!!

16. September 2nd My 21st Birthday. I had cake, champagne, and my favorite people by my side! It was the best!

17. September 13th Hair Makeover. Okay this one may not sound very meaningful to most, but I literally LOVE my new hair extensions from The Barefoot Blonde. My hair has always been so thin, so the extensions added a ton of volume and I can actually do so many different hairstyles now!

18. September 25th My Last Bid Day. The end of recruitment and basically the best day ever! This year we had a candy themed bid day and it was just too sweet! (see what I did there lol)

19. October 9th New York Bridal Fashion Week. Attending Bridal Fashion Week in NYC for the second time in a row was fabulous! There were so many beautiful gowns this year. I was even asked to speak about Hayley Paige’s new line, and hopefully it will be featured in her new show on TLC! Finger’s crossed! (click here for that blog post)

20. October 23rd Blog Facelift. This was much needed. I feel so much happier and confident with the way my blog looks now. It motivates me to be more creative and write better content each day!

21. October 26th Pumpkin Patch Fun. This day was just so fun and carefree. Tessa and I found the most adorable pumpkin patch and apple orchard farm in a neighboring town. I still go there for my cider and donuts because they’re open year round! (click here for that blog post)

22. November 22nd Learning to Make the Famous Pie. Jacob’s grandma is one of the greatest bakers I know, and this year she taught me how to make her pie! I now know how to make apple and pumpkin pie, which are my favorites!

23. December 1st Getting the Christmas Tree. Jacob, Tessa and I started out December right with getting our Christmas tree! It ended up being the most perfect tree for our little apartment! (click here for that blog post)

24. December 16th 9/11 Museum. Escaping to NYC during the holidays was such a great idea. I still think my favorite part was finally getting to visit the 9/11 museum. It left me without words and I believe it is a must see whenever someone visits the city. (click here for that blog post)

25. December 25th Christmas Parties. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year! I loved getting to celebrate with so many family and friends this year!

~ ~ ~

Looking ahead on 2018, I hope it is a year of growth, positivity, and most importantly, happiness. Happy (almost) New Year everyone! I hope you all enjoy yourselves this weekend! xoxo

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