Looking Back on London

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Good morning and happy Tuesday! I am suffering from a bad case of wanderlust and procrastination today, so instead of responding to the many responsibilities I have, why not spend this beautiful morning talking about my amazing trip to London.

Jacob and I had always dreamed of traveling around Europe, so when we got the chance to last July, we took it! We arrived on a very cloudy, rainy day, which was typical for most Londoners, but the views were still unreal. We were so eager to get out and explore, but of course we had no idea where to go or how to get back to our hostel once we were out. So if you are planning on traveling anytime soon, remember this one very important thing; The Map app that’s on all iPhones works even without an international data plan! You may not be able to get exact directions while you’re out, but it’s a full map with street names and everything! It definitely helped us as we continued our travels from place to place.

The fast paced lifestyle in London was very new to us. That’s another reason why the Tube seemed extremely intimidating at first. There were just so many people rushing to get from line to line, and here Jake and I were just trying to figure out which one would take us to the nearest pizza place. Once we figured it out though we were golden. We made sure to see all of the major tourist sites, like The House of Parliament, The London Eye, Trafalgar Square, and of course Buckingham Palace. But we also enjoyed just walking around and finding little hidden gems. Borough Market was right off of the Northern Line and was easily one of my favorite places (mostly because I love to eat). There was food from so many different cultures, I wished I could have tried it all!

The best part about the whole trip though was getting to experience new things with the person I love most. We made lifelong memories with some amazing new friends and we can’t wait to go back someday.

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