Malaga Travel Diary

Hola mis amigos!

Today, I sadly board a plane back home to the USA from Malága, Spain. This trip as a whole has been life changing. From working at the Cannes Film Festival a few weeks ago, to returning to Paris for a few days, and to exploring a city in Spain for the first time. It’s all been so surreal. This past week here in Malága was jam packed with so much fun that I figured a travel diary was necessary to be able to share all of the details from start to finish!

~ ~ ~

Day 1 Wednesday

Torie and I arrived at our Airbnb smoothly from the airport and were surprised to see how close our apartment was from all that Malága had to offer. After freshening up and getting settled in, we decided to head out to explore before the sun went down. The streets were still bustling with locals and other visitors going to restaurants, shopping at the numerous stores, and playing with their children in the town square.

We stumbled upon a quaint restaurant and decided to go all in with traditional Spanish style foods and of course, a pitcher of Sangria. It was hands down the best sangria I have ever had (and it might still be my favorite overall from this trip). We finished up our meals and split a delicious dessert and called it a night. It was a long day of traveling and we were so ready to get a good nights sleep!

~ ~ ~

Day 2 Thursday

After accidentally sleeping in almost three hours past our alarms (which might have been somewhat intentional on both our parts) we got up and around for a full day of exploration. We sort of had an idea of where things were, but we were ready to just get lost in the city. We spent hours walking through the alley ways and down the streets, just mesmerized at the culture Malága had to offer. We even found a huge indoor farmer’s market with tons of fresh, authentic Spanish food!

Towards the middle of the afternoon, we headed back to our apartment and threw on our swimsuits for the beach. It was just a short walk away and maybe a five minute taxi ride to get to the Playa Malagueta, one of the top beaches in Malága. The sun was high in the sky and waves were crashing onto the shore which made for such a relaxing afternoon. After how busy we both had been in the French Riviera and in Paris, we definitely deserved it! We ended the day with more sangria and more dessert which made our bellies happy 🙂

~ ~ ~

Day 3 Friday

Probably one of my favorite days spent in Malága as we got up early and headed straight for the beach where we rented out a beautiful canopy bed cabana for the day, complete with bar and food service. The views were spectacular and Torie and I kept saying to each other how unbelievable everything was. The rosé, the sangria and the food were top notch and although the water was a bit chilly, it was quite refreshing after being out in the heat almost all day. We both had massages scheduled for the late afternoon, so our beach day ended a little earlier than we would have liked, but we weren’t complaining. A massage was a definite must after traveling so much!

Later in the evening we had a private wine and tapas tour around the city. We tried several different types of authentic Spanish tapas, as well as wines and sangria (our fav). Our tour guide, Carlos, was the absolute best! He showed us all of the quirky parts of the city as well.

The night wrapped up with a private flamenco show, which was so interesting. I had never seen a flamenco show before so I had no idea what to expect but it was really cool! Torie and I decided that we needed dessert to end the night, just like we had the rest of the trip and it was again, delicious.

~ ~ ~

Day 4 Saturday

Saturday was quite unfortunate as our day started around 4:30am to leave for a tour to Morocco, however, Torie had fallen ill with food poisoning. We unfortunately had to cancel our day trip, but it was for the best. I spent the day trying to nurse her back to health, but also catching up on some much needed blogging and reading. Thankfully I didn’t have the same tapas as she did the night before otherwise our day would have been much worse.

~ ~ ~

Day 5 Sunday

Torie woke up feeling much better so we set out early for breakfast and a full day of wandering. Since it was our last full day in Spain we wanted to make sure we saw everything. We began to walk down all of the streets that we hadn’t been down yet. There were tons of restaurants and people exploring just like us. Unfortunately, because it was a Sunday, many of the stores we planned on stopping into were closed. We tried to make the best of it though!

The highlight of my day was probably when I found a gelato shop that made ice cream cones in the shape of hearts and then placed a delicate little macaron in the center. And yes, I know I’m annoying but sweets are my thing okay…

~ ~ ~

Day 6 Monday

And here we are on day 6 of the trip; The day we must part ways. Torie is back to feeling 100% after her food poisoning the other day and is headed to Italy to meet her mom, while I am headed back home to Michigan. There are so many things I could say about this trip as a whole, both in France and here in Spain, but I’ll leave it with this; I am returning home with a happy heart that is full of memories which will last a lifetime, and I couldn’t be more thankful.


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