My All-Natural Skin Care Routine

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I’m so excited to finally share with you my skin care routine! I have gotten so many questions about it over the years from you guys, but the products I’d been using in the past were not only full of chemicals, but they weren’t exactly right for my skin either. What I’m using now has completely changed my life! I feel like my skin looks smooth, moisturized and it has a natural glow now and it’s all thanks to my friends over at Wicked Soaps and Dime and Regal!

Wicked Soaps is a Michigan based company that specializes in small batch artisan skin care products made with high quality and often locally sourced ingredients. Being a Michigan native, I am obsessed with using Michigan made products and supporting local businesses! With Dime and Regal being located right downtown by all of my favorite coffee shops and restaurants, I know I will be visiting quite a bit! They stock a wide variety of the Wicked Soaps products, as well as gorgeous art pieces from local artists, jewelry, accessories, gifts and so much more!

Nightly Skin Care Routine

Step 1. After I wash the makeup off my face and cleanse, I spritz the Calm Facial Toner all over my face and neck. It is made out of lavender, clary sage, and comfrey which helps to sooth and calm sensitive skin. The gentle power of this spray will help to balance your skin’s natural pH with the raw apple cider vinegar. I also love the smell of it! You can definitely tell that there are not any harsh chemicals in it!

Step 2. The next step is to apply a few drops of the Calm Facial Serum to my face. This serum is great because it really nourishes my skin with it’s blend of argan, jojoba, grape seed, calendula infused avocado oil, comfrey, and lavender and clary sage essential oils. Massaging this serum into my skin is so relaxing! The lavender and clary sage essential oils smell absolutely heavenly, especially after a stressful day at work!

Step 3. Once the serum is massaged into my skin, I apply the Awake Under Eye Serum. The roll on stick makes the application process so quick and easy. The organic blend of chia seed oil, sea buckthorn oil, pumpkin seed oil, rose hip oil, and coffee seed oil all work together to tighten skin and fight age spots, all while replenishing the natural elasticity under the eyes. Because I’ve always had an issue with falling asleep at a normal hour, and I stay extra busy during the week, the dark circles under my eyes began to worsen. After just a few days of using the Awake Under Eye Serum, I noticed a huge difference!

Step 4. The final step to my nightly skin care routine is applying the Calm Facial Cream to my face and neck. This natural moisturizer soothes and calms my skin all while keeping it feel clean and fresh! It’s made from a combination of lavender, clary sage, calendula and comfrey, which again, smells absolutely amazing! I also love that just a small amount goes a long way! I usually only use about a dime size, and even then, it just glides right on all over my face and neck.

Once a week, after I cleanse my face, I use the Clarify Facial Mask. This mask works wonders for my skin! It’s not part of the “calm” family, but because it’s made from all natural products, it’s still very easy on my skin and does not irritate it at all. The bentonite clay, white kaolin clay and activated charcoal help to detoxify and unclog my pores, leaving the surface of my skin so clear and bright! I always make sure to follow up with the Calm Facial Toner, Serum, Awake Under Eye Serum, and Facial Cream, that way my skin can regain the moisture that was lost from the detoxifying clay.

Morning Skin Care Routine

My morning skin care routine is super quick and easy! I start by rinsing and cleansing my face with warm water, and then before I apply any makeup at all, I spray the Calm Facial Toner all over my face and neck, making sure to shake the bottle a bit before I do. The toner helps to keep my skin feeling fresh throughout the day! I then massage in the Calm Facial Cream to help keep my skin feeling moisturized, but it also makes for an even layer under any makeup that I do wear that day.

I highly recommend these Wicked Soaps Company! There are several different products they carry that work for different skin types. Do you have sensitive skin like I do? Stick to the “Calm” products! Does your skin tend to look tired and red? Try out the “Awake” products! The “Rejuvenate” products work great for damaged skin, and if you have oil or acne prone skin, the “Clarify” products work great! As for uneven skin types, the “Balance” products are great too!


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