My Favorite Cold Weather Accessory

Hello everyone! Long time no talk!!

I apologize for being so MIA the last few weeks, but I desperately needed to take a break from social media. Not only was I feeling uninspired, but my motivation was at an all time low. I honestly contemplated deleting my blog, which is so scary to think about now because blogging is my favorite thing to do! A Touch Of Tulle is my safe place. I think the pressure to get more likes and to get more followers weighs heavy on this generation and it definitely got to me. But instead of letting the negativity consume me, I’m going to redirect my focus to just producing content that makes me happy, no matter the amount of likes!

So with that being said, I bring to you my favorite cold weather accessory; this plaid blanket scarf. I feel like Fall was swept away from us so quickly here in Michigan, but I’m not complaining because I think the snow is so pretty! (Plus that means Christmas is getting closer!!!) The variation of color within this scarf make it so versatile with outfits, but I chose to keep it simple and neutral to let the bold reds pop through.

Because blanket scarves are so amazing in the Fall and Winter months, I’ve linked a few more cute ones below that would be perfect additions to your cold weather wardrobe!

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