My Spring Picks Under $100

Happy Friday everyone! I hope your day has been great so far!

I am so ready for the weekend, as I’m sure you all are too! This week has been pretty rough for me. Monday was just one of those days where nothing went right for me. First, I got lost twice on the way to my doctor’s appointment and ended up at the wrong medical campus. My appointment obviously had to be rescheduled because I wasn’t there on time, which was frustrating. Because I was gone for much longer than I expected, I came home to a mess from Isla, but not the mess you’re thinking. She completely chewed and shredded my memory foam pillow! It was a disaster. After that, I remembered that her bag of food was still in my trunk, so I went to go grab it to feed her, and of course, it had tipped over and spilled all over my trunk. I had to scoop every last bit of it up by hand. It was a disastrous Monday to say the least. But I’m trying to move past it and think positively for the days to come!

Today, I’m excited to share with you my favorite Spring picks all under $100. These are both clothing pieces and accessories that I will be wearing nonstop this season. From delicate lace tops and pearl barrettes, to bright sunny yellow dresses, I simply love everything about Spring! I’m sad it doesn’t last longer here in Dallas. The trees were only budding for a few days it seemed like before everything became green like Summer.

While I tend to keep my personal style more classic, feminine and all-american, I do like to stay up to date on current trends. It’s no doubt that yellow took the runways by storm for this season, but what’s also going to be big are wide leg pants. I love the Draper James wide leg pants pictured below, but I’m always a fan of a crisp white pair of cropped bootcut jeans too.

Shop some more of my favorites below!

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