My Summer Reading List

Summer is off to such a great start and so is my summer reading list! Right now I’m about halfway through “The Crown” by Kiera Cass (listed below) and I can’t wait to start some of the other amazing books on my list! These are all brief descriptions from what I’ve read online, and some that I’ve heard from word of mouth, so please make sure to look them up so that you get a feel for yourself how great they all sound!

1. “The Crown” by Kiera Cass. My favorite book series ever! (I literally read the first three books in one weekend) It’s a cross between The Bachelor and The Hunger Games, but this time, it’s the King and Queen’s daughter going through her own Selection to find a husband. I think once I’m done with this book, I might have to reread the whole series over again, because I truly love this love story.

2. “Just One Day” by Gayle Forman. An overly organized girl named Allyson is on a European trip when she meets a spirited guy who teaches her to let go. This book sounds like the PERFECT story to read when you’re in the mood for a little getaway. (I also love that the main character has the same name as me!)

3. “Summer Sisters” by Judy Blume. Friendship, betrayal, and a summer wedding! This all sounds too good. And come on, anything by Judy Blume is going to be an amazing book.

4. “The Devil Wears Prada” by Lauren Weisberger. I have always always always wanted to read this book. It’s one of my favorite movies, so it’s only natural that I finally read the book. I’m so ready for more sassy Miranda Priestly!

5. “The After Party” by Anton Disclafani. I have heard so much about this book! People have said it’s like if Gossip Girl was placed in Texas during the 1950’s– A bunch of socialites partying it up all the time!

6. “Sorority” by Genevieve Sly Crane. This book sounds so good! It’s a look inside the bond of sorority sisters and what happens when one of their sisters dies in the house. Where I was in school, Greek Life wasn’t wicked or catty like this book sounds, so it will be really interesting to read!

7. “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. A good friend of mine recommended this book to me and I feel like it’s just what I need. She said when she first read it, it completely changed her life! It urges you to look inside your heart and connect with God in all ways.

8. “Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office: 101 Unconscious Mistakes Women Make That Sabotage Their Careers” by Lois P. Frankel. If you want to be a powerful woman in the workplace someday like I do, this book is a must. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it and I for one, want to learn how I can step up my game.

9. “The Woman in Cabin 10” by Ruth Ware. This was another recommendation from a good friend! After reading the summary online, it sounds so thrilling! A woman watches someone get thrown off of a cruise ship, but the problem is, all guests have been accounted for. So who is the woman?

I am definitely still looking to add to this list, as I will probably get through these all within the next few weeks, so message me on social media, comment below or email me directly with books you would like to recommend! xo

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