NYC Favorites


Ahhh New York City… It’s always been one of those places that makes my heart beat a little faster with excitement. From the bustling city streets, to the amazing sites, the island of Manhattan just couldn’t be better! Whenever I go to visit, there are a few things that I absolutely have to do and see before leaving. Check them out below . . .


The MET Steps. Of course we all wish we could have our lunch on the steps of the MET every day like Blair Waldorf, but unfortunately some of us aren’t as lucky to live in such a beautiful city. When I’m in need of a break from shopping I love relaxing on the steps. Just make sure you don’t go during the hours that the museum is actually open because it can get extremely busy!


Ladurée. Nothing beats the sweet taste of authentic French macarons. They were my favorite treat while I was in Paris and there are only three locations where I can get them at in the US, two of which are in, you guessed it, New York. I like visiting the one on the Upper East Side since it’s much closer to where I usually stay, plus it’s only a couple of blocks from Central Park. Who doesn’t love a good picnic full of treats?


Central Park. Easily one of my favorite things to do while in NYC is stroll through the gorgeous, Central Park. I love seeing the contrast between how green it is there, versus how built up the rest of the city is. It almost feels like another world. Like I mentioned in my last paragraph, having a little picnic there that consists of only sweets is the best!


Garment District. This past trip to NYC was actually my first time in the Garment District and it was so fun! One of my friends, Lizzie, is a fashion student and is in love with Project Runway. When we were done with some of the Bianka Bridal work, a few of us just followed her down the street to Mood where we were immediately surrounded by different types of cool fabric that was just begging to be made into something amazing. It was such a unique experience so I’ll definitely be back next time!


Times Square. I know, I know. I’m such a tourist. But hey, I don’t care. Times Square is fun and exciting and it’s so “New York.” I can’t possibly leave without seeing the glowing lights at least once. Lucky for me, I stayed at the JW Essex House last time and it was only a few blocks away!


What are some of your favorite things to do in NYC? I would love to know! Comment below 🙂


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