Packing Tips for Europe


Hello beautiful people!

Today is a pretty exciting day because I’m leaving for Italy for a whole month! And if you’re like me, you’ll want to pack your entire closet because who knows when you’re going to need that one specific piece of clothing, am I right? It’s stressful, I know. But you can’t possibly lug around a suitcase that’s the same size as you when you’re trying to catch your flight or train. So I have a few tips when it comes to packing that I promise you won’t forget!

First, figure out what type of clothes you’re actually going to need for the country you’re visiting. Is it cool and rainy like London? Or warm and sunny like Greece? I’ll be all over Italy during the warmer spring months so I know that I’ll need more loose and airy tops, along with a few sun-dresses. It definitely helps to bring versatile articles of clothing so that you’re able to mix and match outfits. Several of the tops I packed could be paired with a different pair of bottoms or a fun statement necklace that would change them up a bit.


I love using my Stylebook app. It helps me put together outfits on my phone, and it also has this awesome packing list where I’m able to save all of the different looks I create and plan to wear while I’m traveling. It definitely made remembering certain items much easier.


Now remember these words; Eagle Creek Packing Cubes. They have completely changed my life when it comes to traveling. Not only do they compress my clothes down into smaller sized packs, but they help to keep things very well organized. They also come in handy when you’re traveling from city to city without access to a washing machine. You can pack the dirty clothes in one, and the clean clothes in another!


The best way to fit your clothes in the cubes is to roll them up like a burrito! (Yes, I had to throw at least one food reference into this post). Don’t be afraid to cram clothes in these babies either. The material is very durable! I honestly could have fit more than I actually packed in them. The cool thing is that when you zip them down, they compress to about half their original height leaving you more room in your suitcase. However, you do need to remember to bring a small wrinkle releaser spray because your clothes may get a bit wrinkled from the compression.




Once you’ve packed your cubes nice and tight, it’s time to get out your suitcase! You’ll notice that the cubes fit perfectly, side by side in my small suitcase, but it definitely depends on the size of bag you plan to carry. Quick tip, a good way to keep your clothes smelling fresh and clean is to throw a few fabric softener sheets on top of the cubes.


With the extra space left in my suitcase I’m able to pack my hairdryer, makeup and other toiletries comfortably. I also have room to pack my black lace Toms in the front zip pocket.



As for my carry-on bag, I’m using a large Victoria’s Secret tote bag not only because it’s one of the biggest bags I own, but I had to spend over $75 to get it in the first place so I have to put it to use at some point 🙂 Inside, I make sure to pack all of the special items that I wouldn’t want to lose, like my passport and laptop, as well as snacks, sanitary items and things to keep me entertained during the long flight. Fan girl moment, the book that’s pictured is the last of The Selection series by Kiera Cass that I’m completely obsessed with. If you’re into the Hunger Games and the Bachelor, then you will not be disappointed with these books!


I hope you all learned a little something about packing for longer trips, especially ones that go out of the country. Remember to always check the airline that you’re flying with on their specific rules for luggage as they may vary. Make sure to stay up to date on all of my posts from this point on because they’re going to be full of Italian charm!


See ya later Michigan, ciao Italy 🙂


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