Picnic Date With A Twist









Hello friends!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes the other day! It really was the best birthday yet. Once I finished up with work on Friday, Jacob and I headed out for an old-fashioned picnic date, and then later went to the Getty Drive-In! I was so excited because not only did I get to spend the evening with my best friend, but I got to check off two items on my summer bucket list! (Read the Summer Bucket List post here).

We began the evening at a cute little park right down the road from where we live in Allendale. Jacob and I chose to set up under the most beautiful willow tree and it all felt so romantic. We cracked open a special bottle of wine that I brought back from Italy earlier this summer and munched on a few small snacks. My sister, Taylor, was sweet enough to send some gourmet cookies in the mail for me and they were unbelievably delicious!

Before the sun set, we made our way over to Muskegon where the Getty Drive-In was at. I had never been to a drive-in before so I was literally jumping in my seat once we arrived. Jacob parked the truck and we worked together to stuff the bed with lots of comfy blankets and pillows. Laying comfortably under the stars with that giant screen in front of us was the absolute perfect way to end my birthday. I really can’t imagine how it could have gone better. Sometimes keeping things simple is the way to go!


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