Reunited in Detroit

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

It was such a crazy weekend for me at National Bridal Market! I loved being in Chicago, but I’m so happy to be home and relaxing. Most people don’t realize how much work it is to be in the bridal industry. I was on my feet from sun up to sun down (in very uncomfortable shoes might I add), and lifting those dresses several times over and over again is not easy.

Before I left for Chicago though, Tessa and I were FINALLY reunited and it was seriously the best day! She’s been living in Detroit for quite a few months now, and with both of our busy schedules, it’s been hard to get together. I was finally able to visit her in her new city for the first time and she showed me all of her favorite spots!

I’ve been to Detroit many times before, but I’d never had the time to explore like I did with Tessa. It’s such a beautiful and fun city and we had the perfect weather that day too!

She took me to Townhouse for lunch, and I’m not joking when I say it’s the coolest restaurant! It was right in the heart of downtown, which was nice because we were close to the lively energy of the city. We sat out on their covered patio and she even surprised me with a belated-birthday celebration complete with ice cream and a sparkler candle!

After lunch, we headed over to her favorite place for lattes and macarons. It’s called “For the Love of Sugar,” and I was overwhelmed at how charming this place was! From the pretty chandeliers to the marble table tops, I was obsessed. I had a birthday cake latte that had rainbow sprinkles on top (my fav!!!) and a creme brûlée macaron that was delicious!

Afterwards, we headed back to Tessa’s apartment to give our sugar high time to calm down. We watched the Bachelor in Paradise finale that she had recorded and each had a cup of tea, and it felt like old times. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day and I can’t wait to do it again! We’ve made plans to visit each other every other week, and with Fall being right around the corner, I know we are going to have the best girls days!

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