Summer Favorites in West Michigan

With yesterday being the first official day of summer, I thought it was only natural that I post my top favorite things about West Michigan during this time of year. I feel so thankful each and every day for living in such a beautiful area with so much to offer. There truly is never a dull moment!

Pronto Pups. These babies are one of West Michigan’s greatest gems and are absolutely irresistible! They’re not just any corn dog; they are THE corn dogs. They’re perfect snacks to have to walk around Grand Haven in the summertime. Sometimes Jake and I will skip dinner and just get a handful of them!

Beach sunsets. I saw a quote the other day from someone who said, “may you watch more sunsets than Netflix,” and I couldn’t agree more! West Michigan sunsets truly cannot be beat. The way the sun melts into the lake as the skies turn from soft yellows and oranges to deep fuchsia pinks never ceases to amaze me. You can really go anywhere in West Michigan to experience a gorgeous sunset like this, but I prefer the beaches of Grand Haven since it’s so close.

Outdoor restaurants. If I’m going out to eat, there better be a patio open because I refuse to be cooped up inside when the sun is shining! There are so many amazing restaurants with outdoor spaces in West Michigan. A few of my favorites include Butcher’s Union (their back courtyard is totally instagram worthy!), Donkey Taqueria (tacos, margaritas and an adorable patio), and Rose’s (located on a small lake so the views are amazing!).

Drive in movie theatre dates. There’s only a couple drive in movie theaters left in Michigan, and one of them happens to be just a short drive from Grand Rapids! Jake and I loved going there when he still had his truck because we would fill the bed with pillows and blankets and it would be so cozy!

Food truck season. This is my favorite part about working downtown because the heart of Grand Rapids fills with food trucks on Thursdays for lunch time. I love having the added variety for food just steps from my work and the crowd is always so fun! There’s live music, street performers, and other vendors selling, so it’s just all in all a very lively atmosphere.

Days on the boat. The best part about living in the mitten state is knowing that there are over 11,000 lakes to explore. Jake and I usually like to spend boat days over at Lake Macatawa and then go through the channel to Lake Michigan! Some days we will pack a picnic and stay out there for hours, other days we’ll head out with some friends and pull people around on the tubes. With Lake Michigan being so large, it’s never crowded so we can really enjoy the day!

Evening walks on the pier. Like I mentioned before, Grand Haven is so close to where Jake and I live so we are constantly spending time out there. We used to love taking walks along the river and to the pier, and now we get to do it with our Isla Rose. She absolutely loves it!


With so many things being up in the air when it comes to the future, Jacob and I plan to soak in every minute we can here in West Michigan. This place has been home to us for so many years and we know that no matter where life takes us in the next few months, we will always consider it home in our hearts.

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