Sunless Tanning With St. Tropez

Let me first start this post by saying that I used to have a serious problem with indoor tanning. In high school, I would go almost every day after school because I was teased so much for having such fair skin. I knew the risks of UV-rays in indoor tanning booths, but at that time, I didn’t care. All that went through my head was how “beautiful” my skin would be with a bronze glow.

Years later, I had to pay the consequences by having surgery to remove an area of my skin on my chest. It was a very dramatic and scary time in my life, but I promised myself I would make it through. I also made a vow to myself that I would never hurt my skin like that again. That’s when I discovered St. Tropez Self Tanning products. It was unlike any other self tanner’s that I used in the past. It didn’t have a strange smell, it wasn’t streaky, and best of all, I didn’t look like an oompa loompa after I used it!

The self tanner that I use is the Classic St. Tropez Mouse. It glides onto my skin with such ease and it truly does leave such a beautiful bronze color. I always make sure to use the applicator mitt when I apply my tan because it keeps the tan even and prevents streaks!

Some of the worst parts of self tanners are that they don’t last very long, but with St. Tropez, you can prep and maintain the tan for much longer! Before applying the tanning mouse, I not only make sure to be showered and clean of any lotions or perfumes, but I use the Tan Enhancing Body Polish that helps to exfoliate my skin and prep it for a perfect tan. After the mouse is dry and complete (usually within a few hours, and after I shower), I apply the Tan Enhancing Moisturizer to ensure that my skin stays hydrated.

This post is not meant to preach sunless tanning, but more so to tell you my story. I never used to feel confident unless I was tan, but the bad habits I developed really started to hurt my skin. The St. Tropez products have completely changed my life because I now do not have to worry about the negative effects that UV-rays can cause to my skin. If you have any questions about self tanners, or the St. Tropez brand, please don’t hesitate to comment below or email me!


*All opinions are my own. I am not sponsored by St. Tropez and will not receive compensation from this company.

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