Sunsets on the Beach in KJP

There’s something undeniably special about sunsets on Lake Michigan. Whether you’re all the way up north in the Leelanau Peninsula, or down further south by Benton Harbor, it truly never gets old. The way the skies dissolve from soft yellows and oranges to deep fuchsia pinks as the sun sinks into the horizon just makes my heart skip a beat. Anytime I get to experience it, which tends to be quite a bit since I’m only 20 minutes from the lakeshore, I feel extremely blessed.

Sunsets on the beach are a great reminder to just stop, relax and take it all in. This life sometimes feels like everything is passing by within seconds, but I feel as if time almost stands still in moments like this. Moments where the breeze whistles against your cheeks and picks up your hair as it passes by. Moments where the sand underneath your toes shifts with each step you take. Moments where you can feel every single overwhelming thought that has been bothering you evaporate into thin air.

These are the moments I live for.

 ~ ~ ~

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