The Best Lip Kits for the Holidays

Hello everyone!

It’s been quite a while since my last beauty post, so I’m really excited to be sharing my favorite lip kits for the holiday season today! You guys all should know by now that I rarely go anywhere without lipstick on, especially my bolder shades, so this post is probably going to turn into a favorite for me. Not only are lip kits a great gift idea for that makeup lover in your life, but I think they’re something you can use to treat yourself this holiday season too!

Priced from high to low, these lip kits are all you need to accomplish that bold, or understated holiday look. The deep Christmas reds and burgundies and soft pinks or nudes are eye-catching and beautiful, so check them out below!


Charlotte Tilbury Dangerous Liaison Lip Kit $52

Charlotte Tilbury is by far one of my favorite makeup brands. Everything I’ve ever received from them has been exceptional, and I can say without a doubt their lipsticks are outstanding! The Luscious Lip Slick Kit in Dangerous Liaison is the perfect rusty red color that’s not too bold and bright, but it also gives a good color that’s great on all skin tones. Pro tip, if you haven’t been to Charlotte Tilbury’s website for makeup, you can see exactly how each product will look on different skin tones. For instance, this lip kit color was pictured on ten different women all of which had different skin colors, hair colors, eye colors, you name it, so you have a good idea of what it will look like on you!


Kylie Cosmetics Red Velvet Lip Kit $27 // Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Lip Kit $27

This blog post about lip kits would not be complete without products by the cosmetic queen herself, Kylie Jenner! I truly love these lip kits because there are so amazing shades and sets and they’re priced pretty well! From gorgeous matte to silky velvet, you will not be disappointed with these lip kits!


Lottie London Slay All Day Lip Kit $10.49

 $10 for a lip kit? Um yes thank you count me in! This gorgeous rosy pink is the perfect shade for an understated, yet elegant look for the holidays. It’s something you can slick on with pretty much any outfit too. I’m definitely excited to use it this season!

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