The Bridal Diaries vol. 3 New York City

Good morning everyone!

Long time no talk!!! Let me first explain and apologize for being so MIA lately. Once I got back from Italy I only had a few weeks left until I graduated, so I really needed to put all of my focus on finishing strong. But now that I’m done with all of my final papers and only have one more exam to take tonight, I’M BACK! (and like basically a graduate… just a few more days until I walk!)

So last weekend I was in New York City for New York Bridal Fashion Week. It was my first time attending in the spring, and I must say, I was loving the weather! Michigan was getting pounded with snow and ice while I was amongst blossoming tress, sunshine and almost 80 degree weather!

This was the final market for the season and our team definitely went out with a bang. My boss, Rosy, and I planned while we were in Italy to have a giant 8 foot LED wall in our booth at The Knot Couture Show that streamed the beautiful fashion show from Rome each day of market. It was such an amazing wow factor and our buyers were obsessed with it!

It’s really interesting to see which dresses are the most popular from different markets. When we were in Chicago, there were specific favorites from the Midwest buyers. They tended to be softer, with lots of lace, while the buyers in Rome, who were majority International buyers, were liking a lot of the couture gowns. In NYC, the buyers were all looking for that wow factor; The dresses that would truly speak to their brides the second they walked in their store. A certain glitter tulle ball gown was a crowd favorite!

As this season comes to a close, I want to reflect on how far I’ve come in this company. I began in late January, and I honestly did not know what I was doing. Transitioning from selling to brides to selling to buyers was a huge jump. I feel that with each market I attended, I got better. I now feel so confident when speaking and making connections with our wonderful Nicole Milano clients. Huge shout out to my amazing boss, Rosy, for giving me this opportunity. Not only is she is an amazing role model, but she is such a hard worker. She definitely inspires me to be my best self and I hope that someday, I can be in her shoes.


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