Three Cheers for Twenty Years!


Time to bust out the confetti and sprinkles because it’s my birthday!!!

Wow it’s so crazy to me that I’ve officially been alive for twenty years! It feels like just yesterday I was having my sixth birthday party at my house and my mom painted my face so that I looked like Hello Kitty, and now here I am; A third year college student. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun, as cheesy as that may sound.

On behalf of my twentieth birthday, I will be announcing twenty things that I promise to do from this point on. These are all things that either I have struggled with in the past or things that I know will benefit myself physically, mentally and emotionally.

  1. Count my blessings. Sometimes I need to remind myself how lucky I am, especially with the things that I know women across the world don’t get to do. So next time I want to groan and whine about how much homework I have in my accounting class, I’m going to take a step back and just be thankful that I even get the chance to attend a university like Grand Valley.
  2. Be more positive. Because everyone could use a little more positivity in their lives.
  3. Make eating healthy a priority. Okay, this one is tough. I love healthy foods, but as a college student, I tend to put it off if I’m “too busy to cook,” but I’m definitely going to start meal planning to make it easier throughout the week!
  4. Create a regular workout schedule. This sort of goes along with healthy eating because sometimes during the week I feel like I’m too busy to go to the gym, but I need to start because I always feel better when I am physically in shape!
  5. Smile more. I’ve recently been told that I suffer from resting puppy dog face, so in other words I always look sad when I’m really just zoning out, so smiling more will surely help.
  6. Let go of the little things that cause stress. I’m the type of person that would let the tiniest thing ruin my day and cause me to not sleep at night because I’m stressing out over it. Learning to let go is a definite must.
  7. Stop comparing myself to others. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone with this one as there are tons of women out there that are constantly comparing their looks and lives to others. I need to learn to be comfortable in my own skin and where I’m at in life because getting upset about things I can’t particularly change isn’t going to benefit myself in any way.
  8. Manage time more efficiently. You all know how much I love my day planners, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in one thing that I can’t make it to the next, and it’s something I really need to work on.
  9. Don’t be so sensitive. I wear my heart on my sleeve and tend to take things to heart way too often. Tough skin needs to be built or I’m never going to make it in the real world!
  10. Have more fun. I may be the type of person who is 100% focused on my future, but sometimes I need to remind myself that I am a college student and taking a break is okay.
  11. Spend more time with people who care. I’ve recently learned which people in my life are the most supportive and caring, and those are the people I need to surround myself with.
  12. Take more chances. Taking chances will help me to grow as an individual and learn more about what I want in my life.
  13. Set aside more time for reading. Because I’m a book worm and I miss escaping from the world into a good story.
  14. Learn to say no. This is probably one of my biggest problems. I say yes to everything because I don’t want to let anyone down, but then I end up overwhelming myself. I need to learn that I am no Superwoman and that saying no is not a crime.
  15. Let go of grudges. Holding grudges causes stress. Stress causes me to lose sleep and hair. And I love my sleep and hair, therefore I need to just let go.
  16. Try out a new hobby. There’s so many things I’ve always wanted to do or try, so why not start now?
  17. Go to bed earlier. The struggle is real when it comes to sleep. When I don’t get enough of it not only am I groggy, but I do not work efficiently. Simply going to bed an hour earlier will make my life so much better.
  18. Be more accepting of new ideas. Sometimes I get so deep into one idea, that I don’t keep an open mind to others. Accepting that all ideas are good ideas is a good start.
  19. Enrich my vocabulary. I feel like I say the same words over and over again, so learning some new ones will be fun!
  20. Declutter my life. This goes for everything that is not helping me live a happy life, whether that’s deleting junk off my laptop or just focusing on my close group of friends and family.

I have a feeling that twenty is going to be a year for the books!


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