Tulip Time









Good morning everyone!

I am so excited about this post because it includes some of my favorite things; flowers, friends and sunshine. What could be better?

Tessa and I ventured over to downtown Holland yesterday for the Tulip Time Festival. It was my first time attending and let me tell you, I was feeling a bit light headed once I saw how beautiful everything was. Centennial Park was covered in green grass, blossoming trees, and of course, brightly colored tulips!

Several hundreds of thousands of tulips begin to pop up in Holland around this time each year, and I feel blessed knowing I got the chance to see them on such a beautiful day. The sun was kissing our cheeks the entire afternoon. It made me never want to leave! Tessa and I stayed for hours taking photos, but I guess that’s just what happens when you put two bloggers together in a park with gorgeous scenery 🙂 (Make sure to check out her personal blog here!) I was so happy her and I were able to spend time together before I leave for Italy on Tuesday for the next few weeks. I’m definitely going to miss our girl time!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Saturday, and don’t forget to shower your mothers with love tomorrow! xo

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