Warm Tones for Thanksgiving

Tan Corduroy Skirt // Cream Turtleneck Sweater // Burberry Scarf // Black Ankle Boots // Deep Lipstick

Hello and Happy (almost) Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving might possibly be my favorite holiday, excluding Christmas of course, so I am pumped for all that’s to come! Not only do I love getting together with family that I haven’t seen in a while, but I get to eat some amazing home cooked meals for the first time in forever! This year, Jacob and I will be spending time at both his grandparents house and my grandparents house for holiday parties.

When I think of the perfect outfit for a casual Thanksgiving dinner party, I think of something with cozy, warm tones and this outfit combination fits that to a T. This tan corduroy skirt is not only very soft, but I think the fit is adorable! It’s nice too because with the neutral color, it can be paired with a bunch of other types of tops in different color shades.

As for this chunky turtleneck sweater, I am just in love. It’s super affordable, and it’s also very comfortable too. The delicate knitting detail adds just the right touch to the otherwise simple look. I can definitely see myself wearing this sweater all season long!

And for the finishing touch, my favorite scarf in the entire world, my Burberry scarf. I think it’s such a classic piece that should be in every women’s closet. The plaid print is iconic in fashion and so pretty. I love knowing that I can throw it on with almost any outfit and it transforms it completely.

~ ~ ~

I hope you all have a fabulous and safe holiday weekend! And don’t worry about eating lots of turkey and stuffing because you’ll just burn it off while Black Friday Shopping! xo

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