Wedding Wednesday no. 1 How He Asked

Photos by Rebecca Love

Welcome to the first official Wedding Wednesday! A new series where I will be highlighting different parts of my wedding planning, as well as how I’m feeling during the whole process. I am so excited to share this experience with y’all because I have worked with hundreds of brides up to this point and now it’s finally my turn! AHHH! I figured I would start from the very beginning at the surprise proposal since so many of you have asked for more details on it, so here is how he asked… <3

We’ve started to make it into a tradition to go to Nantucket over Labor Day Weekend since my birthday usually falls on or before that weekend, and we have loved it every time we’ve gone. If you remember from my last blog post, my car was stolen from the front of our house just the day before we left for the trip, so we were both worrying it was going to put a damper on the weekend, but I’m sure Jake was worrying more than me because of what he had planned! However, we arrived on the island Saturday afternoon and soon forgot about the stress back home and each day got better and better.

Monday morning (the day he proposed), we woke up and got around for our sailing excursion. We LOVE sailing with the Endeavor team and look forward to it every trip. Being out on the water was so peaceful and we even saw some adorable seals playing on the rocks! At one point, we passed right by Brant Point Lighthouse and I pointed to Jake and said, “we have to go there later today to get that picture for my mom.” Long story short, there’s a photo I try to recreate each time we visit and my mom texted me the night before to remind me (now I know it was just an excuse to get me there though haha).

Once we got back on land, we decided to head over to Cisco Brewery to spend the rest of the early afternoon on their lively outdoor patio space full of food trucks, drinks, and some of the only craft beer I will drink (the Grey Lady is my fav!). Now that I look back, I understand why Jake was being so quiet, but I kept asking him if something was wrong because he literally could not keep a conversation going, the poor boy was so nervous! Nevertheless, we enjoyed the snacks and fresh seafood and after a couple hours decided it was time to head back to the hotel to freshen up before dinner.

I could not understand why he was rushing me along so much at the hotel because our dinner reservations weren’t until 6:00 at Galley Beach, and it was barely 3:30! I kept asking why we needed to go to the lighthouse so early because we had plenty of time, but I finally gave in and we walked down Brant still with no clue what was to come.

The beach was as beautiful as ever with the sun shining and hardly any clouds in the sky. It was the perfect day. We went to put our feet in the water along the shore for a moment before taking a couple steps towards the lighthouse when it happened. He pulled my hand and turned me towards him and that’s when I realized what was happening. My heart was racing and I could barely speak. He got down on one knee and with tears in his eyes, asked me to marry him but if I’m being honest, I couldn’t tell you the exact words he said and he doesn’t remember either! We both blacked out! He slipped the most beautiful ring on my finger and I could faintly hear the cheers of the few people around us on the beach. Jake whispered to me, “Look to your right,” and out of the bushes ran my favorite Nantucket photographer and her husband with giant cameras in their hands. I was in complete and utter shock! I had told him several times before that I always admired her work and wanted her to photograph our wedding day, but I never would have expected her to be there for that moment. She captured the best day of our lives thus far, and I can’t thank her enough!

We ended that evening at Galley Beach where we were greeted with celebratory glasses of champagne and watched the sun set while we enjoyed our dinner. Every single moment of that day couldn’t have gone better and I loved that it happened in our favorite place. We now have a few months to just enjoy being engaged while we settle into our new normal in this new city. We plan on getting a couple things checked off on the wedding to-do list, but I don’t think the heavy stuff will happen until after the holidays. I just can’t wait to spend forever with the love of my life <3

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