Wedding Wednesday no. 3 How I Asked My Bridesmaids

Hello again beautiful people!

I have some new wedding updates for y’all and I’m so excited to share! As you may have seen on social media around Christmas, I did ask four extremely important women in my life to stand by my side on my wedding day. The process of getting their bridesmaid proposal boxes together was some of the most fun I’ve had while wedding planning thus far! I had a pretty good idea on how I wanted to ask them, and what I found on Etsy just made the job so easy!

I first found the white gift box that came complete with a satin ribbon (I chose the dusty blue color to match my color scheme for the wedding day), a “Will you be my bridesmaid/MOH?” card, a custom wax seal name tag, and a large gold pin. It was all from the ConfettiMommaParty Etsy shop, and let me just say, it was even prettier in person! Next, I found a shop that did custom champagne flutes so my girls could pop their mini champagne when they received the box. I ended up going with SunnysSoireeCo because of their outstanding reviews and I was extremely pleased with the results! I then decided no bridesmaid proposal box was complete without a sweet treat, so I wanted to include a small box of the ever popular champagne gummy bears. MaddiesCandyShop delivered on the most adorable mini boxes of gummy bears with tiny ribbons to finish them off. Finally, I ordered custom labels for each of the mini champagne bottles I bought to tie the theme together. TheIvoryShoppe had so many wonderful labels to choose from but I ended up going with the cute and simple “Pop to say yes!” ones.

When everything from Etsy came in, I was so happy with the products, however, I felt like something was still missing. Time was surely running out too as Christmas quickly approached, so I enlisted in some help from my mom who suggested the nail polish idea. Being that every one of my girls loves having their nails done, this was definitely a solid choice! We headed to target and picked out colors that I knew they would each love and my mom helped me with the tags.

Meet my Maid of Honor, Taylor

My sister and very first best friend, Taylor, was an easy choice to be my Maid of Honor. We grew up putting on small pretend weddings in the backyard and always loved the idea of dressing up in a puffy white dress and marrying Prince Charming like we had seen so many times on our favorite Disney movies. I can’t wait to make that dream a reality next spring!

Meet my Matron of Honor, Mailee

Mailee is just one of those friends I feel like I have known my entire life. She was my first super close friend in Dallas and when Jake and I were still living there, her and I spent almost every day together. She has already helped me so much with wedding planning and I know she will stop at nothing to make it the most perfect day for me.

Meet my Bridesmaid, Lindsey

Lindsey and I became best friends in 7th grade, so you could say we have truly been through it all together. She stood by my side through my crazy Justin Bieber phase, the infamous swoop bangs, and all the times in between. I stood by her side on her wedding day in September 2019, and I cannot wait for her to do the same for me!

I feel like I should also add that Lindsey is currently pregnant with my little future flower girl too!!!

Meet my Bridesmaid, Cassie

Most people say your college years are some of the best years of your life, and I personally have to agree because that is where I met Cassie. Cassie is by far one of the most genuine and caring human beings I have ever met. Whenever I had my weekly mental breakdowns from my accounting classes in college, she was always there to pick me up, as she continues to do now years later, and I know will do for many more to come!

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