Wedding Wednesday no. 4 We Changed EVERYTHING!

I never imagined I would be typing these words, but Jacob and I have totally and completely changed our wedding plans! The dream wedding that I had planned from the time I was 15 years old started to feel like it was slipping away sometime around May earlier this year, and from then on it has just been hard y’all. But before I get too into everything, let me just say, this blog post is probably going to be a little less formal than others, and definitely more emotional, just get ready.

Okay, so from the very beginning I felt like I was experiencing more than the average amount of drama from several different avenues. Without naming names, because obviously a lot of this has been smoothed over since then, I was being told who I should and shouldn’t invite to the wedding, how I should be planning things, how I shouldn’t be planning things, basically everything a bride doesn’t want to be told. I have worked in the wedding industry for 7 years. There have been hundreds of brides in my past and all I wanted was to have a similar experience to what they got, but I wasn’t getting that.

There was family drama sprinkled in on all of this, obvious financial strain that everyone deals with while planning a wedding, and it felt like Jake and I were drowning. The wedding was getting out of hand and it was becoming more and more about the guests and everyone else’s experience rather than our own day.

Then COVID numbers began to rise again.

Every 2020 and 2021 bride’s biggest fears. I already dealt with the stress from my brides last year who all had to cancel their weddings and I always told myself I would never go through that. It’s just an insane thought to me to try and hold out hope for a 200+ guest list wedding and pay thousands of dollars for that many people when you really don’t even know if the event itself will be able to happen. It’s just so much stress. And I already get enough of that with work already y’all!!

So here’s where the solution came into play. Jake was honestly heartbroken seeing me crying almost every day for over a month straight. He was buying me flowers and candy bars daily just to try and boost my mood because I was so down in the dumps, but finally we just had to sit down and talk about a plan B option. He told me he was willing to do anything to make me happy. We considered eloping, we considered doing a small family only ceremony somewhere abroad, but as we talked about destination style weddings more and more, it was like a light bulb clicked on in our heads; Why not get married in the one place that makes us the happiest– the place where he asked me to spend the rest of our lives together! Nantucket 💙

Our new plans may have been pushed to the end of June (6/25/22 now instead of 5/21/22 which was our original date), but we are actually happier with this because the weather on Nantucket is perfect during this time! Beautiful and warm during the day and cool at nights, which is my fav type of weather. Our new venue is small and will only hold less than 50 people, so our guest list has been limited to immediate family and bridal party only, but it’s COVID friendly so we won’t need to worry if cases continue to rise like they are right now. While we are sad to have less people there to celebrate with, we are hoping our extended families understand based on the circumstances we were facing as to why we made this decision. We are hoping to celebrate with those guests at our couples shower here in a Texas, as well as my bridal shower in Michigan next spring so that everyone gets a chance to feel included. We are also looking into potentially having a webcam set up for guests at home to virtually view the wedding ceremony in real time as it is happening!

Jake and I are so excited for this special day and are blown away at the amount of support we have received already after announcing this change yesterday! Big thank you to everyone who has stuck by our side thus far and we are so grateful for each and every one of you 🤍

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