We’ll Always Have Paris…

















Bonjour mes amis!

 It has almost been one year since Jacob and I ventured through the city of lights, but honestly it seems like it was just yesterday. Paris is unlike any place I have ever been. From the beautiful architecture on each building, to the amazing cafes and pastry shops on every corner, to of course, the sparking Tour de Eiffel at night. It was all just mesmerizing.

We spent many of our days sightseeing, but definitely underestimated how large this city was! Our list of “must sees & dos” included the gorgeous Arc de Triomphe and shopping along The Avenue des Champs-Élysées. One night we even had an amazing, traditional French dinner in an old wine cellar. There was live music, dancing and tons of laughter. Jacob and I ended the night strolling along the River Seine where we realized that the Tour de Eiffel wasn’t the only beautiful attraction at night; Notre Dame glowed brighter than the stars in the sky!

Touring the Palace of Versailles was another definite “must do” on my list since I’m such a history nerd. The palace was even more regal than I expected, but it was also a lot busier than I expected. Jacob and I actually enjoyed the outdoor gardens more because of the large open spaces. The views completely took my breath away! From there, we hopped on the metro back to the city centre to check off another big item on our list. Putting a lock on the Love Locks Bridge right by Notre Dame was a huge step for Jacob and I. It symbolized us finally locking our hearts together after a long six years of back and forth.

On our last night in Paris we decided to spend it near one of the biggest icons of France, the Tour de Eiffel. Jacob and I sat right by the bottom and snacked on our favorite crepes before taking a cruise on the River Seine. The boat floated passed some of the most beautiful buildings I had ever seen. It was then where I contemplated “missing” the flight home and staying in Paris forever. As the sun went down, our excitement grew to see the tower sparkle for the very last time during our trip. To kill some time, we had a charcoal drawing created of the two of us right by the river. It was well worth sitting there for forty minutes without moving! Once the moon was high in the sky, the Tour de Eiffel began glistening. Nothing will ever quite beat the feeling I had while watching it sparkle with the man I love. We really will always have Paris in our hearts.



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