What to Pack for Labor Day Weekend on Nantucket

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I am so beyond excited to say that Jacob and I will be spending all of Labor Day Weekend on Nantucket for my birthday this year! We will be leaving tomorrow evening for Detroit where we will stay the night because our flight leaves so early in the morning on Friday. Once we land on Nantucket, our amazing weekend can begin! If you know me at all, I’m sure you can guess that I have been planning every single detail of this trip for months, including what I’ll be packing. I’ve finally finished my outfit plans and figured a quick guide on what to pack for Labor Day Weekend on Nantucket might be helpful for you guys!

Since the weather is beginning to cool down on the island, I made sure to pack a few long sleeved tops, especially for when the sun goes down at night. It’s also nice to bring a warmer top and long pants for sailing adventures on the water. One of my birthday gifts this year was a private charter sailboat ride around the island, and I’m anticipating it being pretty chilly out there!

One thing that many people don’t think about when visiting Nantucket is that many of the streets are brick paved or even cobblestone, which means heels are out of the question. I’m opting for mostly flat sandals, and an adorable pair of espadrilles. They’re perfect for an end of the summer getaway!

My suitcase is also packed full of really cute sundresses that I’m excited to wear. Expect to see several of them posted on my blog later next week! They’re all very airy and light, just like the one pictured above!

I’d also like to add that many of the items above are included in major sales this weekend! I would highly recommend snagging a few of them before they’re gone! xo

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