Winter Beach Day in Grand Haven

Most of you might be a bit confused by the title of this post. Winter beach day… Really? How could that be fun? Well ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to many Michigander’s favorite thing to do in the winter; Go to the beach! That’s right, the lakeshore is still a hit even during the colder months.

After grabbing lunch at my new favorite Grand Haven restaurant, The Toasted Pickle, Jacob and I made our way to the frozen shoreline of Lake Michigan. I definitely was not expecting to see the ten foot ice swells stretching up from where the water line would be, nor did I expect it to be so difficult to walk on (I slipped more than a few times… whoops).

So many people argue that Michigan is one of the worst states to live in during the winter, however I disagree. Does the driving get a little scary sometimes? Yes, but that’s what 4-wheel drive is for (Thank God for Jacob’s truck). You just simply cannot beat the snowy scenery in Michigan. Every where you turn is an Insta worthy photo opportunity. I certainly feel so blessed to live in a beautiful place like this.

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What are some of your favorite winter activities where you’re from? Let me know now by commenting below!

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